This is the right place to inform you shortly about the work of GEA band, a group of experienced musicians who have been entertaining people on various cheerful events for years.
Our speciality are wedding receptions but if you want us we will entertain you on your private events, concerts, proms, club nights and on any other celebration you can think of.
This is the right place to meet us closer, look at our photos and video clips, read something about us and contact us, so we can be a part of your celebration.

Contact us!

Contact us!

Neven Banfić (bass guitar and a lead singer)
mob.: 098/380-095
mob.: 091/2302-181
Dario Sinjeri (keyboards and a singer)
mob.: 091/2007-543
Neno Kos (guitar and a lead singer)
mob.: 091/1932-607
Branko Jemrić (drums and a singer)
mob.: 091/2531-061